100WC Murray 25 Sept High hopes

This was it. Finally, our moment of truth. Five months in Robotics had led to this point. I looked to the left, taking in the enormity of the other team. We had five members, compared to their 13 contestants.


The robots; Grammy, and Titan went off, flying through the obstacle course. Near the last stretch, Grammy took the lead. CLANG! Titan detached its drone, whizzing to our engine, hovering before disappearing. As we neared the line, the announcer spoke our minds,

But it seemed to be going backwards, the wheels, as Grammy touched the line.

So did our hopes.

One thought on “100WC Murray 25 Sept High hopes”

  1. Hi Murray! I liked the phrase “so did our hopes” because it makes me feel what the team is feeling. I think you could use the prompt better, for example “I looked at the clock, but it seemed to be going backwards in time.” What inspired you to write this piece? Why did you write this specific piece. From, Danny in Illinois.

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