Ronan 100WC Jan.6 The Ninja

Korino was an 11-year old boy that had an ability for adventure. Such as evading tsunamis, leaping over rivers, and battling Samurai.

Over the years things evolved fast and furiously,  emperors came and departed.

The next emperor was Kateri of the Royal Japanese dynasty because he looked at the sun, the light blinded him. Instantly, life grew unmanageable. First Japan joined in WWII. Next, Kateri forced people to work, and our economy was demolished. To be even more mean-spirited, he stole everybody’s stuff and then sold it privately to trading merchants.

Now older and wiser, Korino triumphantly began to seize stuff back.

Ronan Nov.14 100WCThe Avalanche😎

In 1867, November 9, coach instructor, Mr. Sceal said that we were going to play gaga ball. Around this time we were familiar with the fact that the gaga pit had been here.

Out of the blue comes a bright, yellow, gorilla.

Bricks went flying, three in basketball hoops, three hitting pretty girls, Mandy, Katie, and Deborah. And the rest came down on us like thunder.

“Run for Cover!” Janel screamed, “And watch out for the oddly yellow gorilla!”

Quickly, the pit covered with bricks. There was a giant hill that kept them safe, but then everybody hastily started running, it was an avalanche.


Ronan 100WC Oct.16 The Sumo Fight

“3,……..,2……..,1……, GOOOOO!” Yelled the Coach, in the big blue camera that was in the studio. One person of my family was up against someone called Gihorisana. It was 2897, and I was watching the best Sumo tournament ever in my bath! One of the fighters was my great grandfather’s daughter-in-law that got married to Firdew.

Firedew danced to the beat, but Gihorisana managed to land a clumsily punch in the stomach. Gihorisana felt victorious.

Out of the blue, My uncle-in-law kicked him in the shins.

He won!


Went the screen as Orange as a Cheez-It.

100WC Ronan The Attack Week 4

It was Sunday when out of nowhere the church split in half! A 40-foot tall man climbed the church and caught a flying bull. It struggled through him. This means that there is a big battle!

“ Runnnn!” Mrs.Peanut screamed!

“There are goats and a horse’s heads are on a pedestal!”

Sugar-free rushed up to the giant and smashed it on him. In a flash, the giant fell to the ground. “Let’s go!” But to their surprise, Mr Whippen was pushing the giant. Suddenly, Mrs Strong and  Mrs Sosebee were lifting the giant. Then we saw the famous Eleanor Amplified.

100WC Ronan 15th Sept Climbed

James, the genius prodigy lived in a 700-room mansion. His brother, Andrew was the opposite. James was the smartest in the school a 190 average. His teacher told his principal that she might quit since James was so smart. Today she was wearing a brightly striped, ”wannabe-queen” mauve outfit that was tricky to walk in. Suddenly, Mrs Relim ran into the room screaming, “There is a hungry alligator on the loose!”, “Ruuuuuuuun!”.Everyone acted like,‘it-is-going-to-eat us-all’! James called the zoo. Andrew as dumb as he was, climbed the giant alligator and patted it on the head saying, “good Allie.”