100WC Ronan 15th Sept Climbed

James, the genius prodigy lived in a 700-room mansion. His brother, Andrew was the opposite. James was the smartest in the school a 190 average. His teacher told his principal that she might quit since James was so smart. Today she was wearing a brightly striped, ”wannabe-queen” mauve outfit that was tricky to walk in. Suddenly, Mrs Relim ran into the room screaming, “There is a hungry alligator on the loose!”, “Ruuuuuuuun!”.Everyone acted like,‘it-is-going-to-eat us-all’! James called the zoo. Andrew as dumb as he was, climbed the giant alligator and patted it on the head saying, “good Allie.”

100WCRonan😎😃The earthquake

Latest prompt for the 100WC challenge

It was Italy,1978, the pizza in the market made a scent that was very sweet I looked up from the window as the ground tremendously shook and shook.

“What is happpenningggg?”,I screamed to my sister.“III don’t kkkkkknow.”,She yelled back. On the megaphone, the 20-foot stone hand grabbed the wire connecting to the power line. I looked all around me and saw people fly in helicopters. Christiane Amanpour, Brian Williams, and Don Lemon were there.

An hour later, “How do you feel after you saved us from the giant monstrosity ?”

“…..AAAAHHHHHHHH!”,Christiane Amanpour screamed as another hand emerged.


100WC 3Sept Ronan ..but what colour should it be?


I have a pen pal that writes to me every week. One day, he didn’t reply for more than 3 weeks. Then it miraculously came in the mail.

Dear Samuel,

Sorry, I have not been able to talk with you. Matt kept bugging me and wanted me to be his partner. We’re doing a project on colors, and the only color people like are either blue or green. But what color should it be, Samuel? This is really making me as twisted as a snake in a quadruple-knot!

Your friend,


100WC Aug 30 Ronan

“AHHHHH!”Jack screamed, running through the house not knowing that he was about to crash through the stairs which lead to a room with skeletons with red eyes.


It all came back to him, he had almost drowned in the Charles River, when the lifeguard rescued him, unconscious. News had spread the next morning as he trudged up the stairs to the second floor of school. In math, he didn’t need to do any work. Jack was so nervous, in science he made an explosion instead of the color pink! Later the English teacher bellowed, “ Study for your cooking class!”

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